Who we are

Nowadays “VEITERS” is one of the biggest printing houses in the Baltic States. Our company profile is high quality offset print. We specialize on multiple page full-color printing production of the highest quality.

The printing house VEITERS is equipped with up-to-date highly-productive and secure equipment that allows reaching the highest quality in shortest due data. Besides, we use only raw materials and paper of the best quality.

Why do you need us?

VEITERS is experienced printing house providing complex printing service. We offer uttermost beneficial and interesting conditions for our customers. We are long liver on the printing market and we know how to get our customers satisfied in the best way!
You don’t need to apply to other companies – VEITERS will perform full service for you. We are the ones to provide you the professional equipment, skilled staff, high technologies and good ideas!
Your needs and desires – object of our continuous studies, we do not have insignificant costumers’ desires.
If you choose VEITERS you accept following:

  • High quality printed products – from leaflets and stickers to eco packaging and even hard cover books;
  • Your orders done in time;
  • Your individuality and uniqueness is top-priority;
  • Our professionals are at your service 24/7.
Diana Novicka

Diana Novicka

Director of Commerce

I have a lively sense of the importance of implementing significant changes to packaging industry in order to continue the qualitative and sustainable development in terms of caring for the environment. Together with fantastic colleagues we at Veiters are continuously exploring new technologies and carefully choosing materials to create packaging that is friendly both for consumers and for the Planet. I really hope our packaging solutions will not only please the eye, but also promote simple and affordable green lifestyle.

Viktors Pahomovs

Viktors Pahomovs

Production manager

Modern packaging solutions should be not only user-friendly, but also with significant eco-friendly content. We know what technologies to use to produce a truly high-quality and affordable product.

Guna Petrova

Guna Petrova

Eco packaging project manager

Nowadays it is more and more important to live environmentally friendly. So we’ve decided to make it possible to choose both- environmentally friendly and stylish packaging according to your needs and expectations. We’ll be happy to advice you right packaging solutions.

Anastasija Kadjanova

Anastasija Kadjanova

From political leaders to zero waste activists, just about everyone has an opinion on environmental issues. While viewpoints may differ, there is no denying that the environment affects every one of us. In this guide, we take a look at hot topics such as packaging. I’m ready to explain You what materials we are using to protect our Planet and will help You to choose sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution from our wide product portfolio.